Organize your team celebrations simply

Do you create new Slack channels for each of your teams' celebrations? Or spent too much time deciding about a gift for your collegues? Worry no more, for here comes Eventon, the simple team celebrations organiser!


Introduce your team to each other by celebrating:

Send achievements appreciations

Celebrate your team's small victories and milestones! Save time by creating a card of appreciation, personalizing it and sending it to your teammates from one place.

Celebrate personal dates

Celebrate someones' big date by writing a personalised message over a pre-created set of e-card templates, or sending them a gift card! Or an actual gift, based on their interests and hobbies!

Share your gifting costs

Send an e-card or buy a gift for a person, then share the cost with the participants by requesting them equal split via the app. Fair for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Eventon outside a work environment?

Of course! I'd be even happy to hear more about such use-cases. I created Eventon with the intention of adressing engagement stalls in teams, so most of the idea behind is targeting businesses. But if you find Eventon suitable for organising your family or group of friends, go ahead!

Can I buy gifts with Eventon?

Yes, you can actually buy gifts for the users to whom you want to celebrate some of their dates.

Do you manage the buying of the gifts?

No. Eventon just helps you find suitable gift proposals, gather other's opinions about them and sharing the cost. After you decide on the gift, Eventon is done with it.

A Web version soon?

The first working versions of Eventon will be mobile only. Hopefuly in future we can enable Web too.

Why Celebrating anyway?

Because celebrating directly impacts the engagement levels of people in groups. It removes the numbness of teams. Gives the feeling of belongingness and directly effects the imposter syndrom effects.

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